About Me

Welcome to my World of Fashion



My name is Jess, and I am the brain behind The J. Alea Styling Agency. Fashion has always been my passion and something I have been doing for years(7 years to be exact). I am a proud alum of The University of Southern Miss #SMTTT and a former Tuskegee Tiger. I received my Bachelor's degree in business administration and fashion merchandising; which speaks a lot about my level of dedication to my brand. I was also selected to attend celebrity stylist, J.Bolin’s fashion Bootcamp in January 2019.

For a long time, I watched people struggle with coordinating pieces into their wardrobe or putting together everyday outfits. Even some of my close friends couldn't seem to get it together! I felt the duty to to fill this void in fashion and to help others in an area that came naturally to me.

From there my styling agency was born. The agency is one of the brands under my company’s umbrella. I also own an urban but, sophisticated statement accessories boutique. 

My overall mission is to serve those who are ready to transform their style. But, first you have to tackle your mindset and that’s the most challenging part of being a stylist. We work together and establish trust to get you where you need to be. Let’s bring that style inspiration you have on your Pinterest board to life!