• Are your bracelets customizable?

Yes, you may customize your mental health stack.
Please visit the shop tab
- Select mental health bracelets 1st
- Select your bracelet saying  as "custom saying"
- Select your quantity "6"
- Select your remaining bracelets color (the remaining bracelets will be our good vibes charm bracelets).
- Add to cart.
- Then  go back to the mental health stack section of the website and select your mental health fee ($5)
- Select the color you want your glass beads to be for the custom saying stack. We have gold beads, clear beads, and black beads.
- Then select the color you want your alphabet beads. We have white circle alphabet letters and black circle alphabet letters.
- Choose your quantity. if you are buying 1 set of bracelets please select 1.
  • Unfortunately, no. The good vibes bracelets come as described and pictured. The only part that is customizable is the option to have them with or without tassels.

  • What happens if the bracelets get wet?

    Nothing, water does not damage the bracelet. Since it is costume jewelry, I would not recommend showering in them. If they get wet the tassels will dry within 1-2 hours.

  • What size wrist do the bracelets fit?

    Wrists as small as 5-1/2 inches (14 cm) and as large as 9 inches (23 cm).

  • Do the charms have special meanings?

    Yes. There are different charms on the bracelets with tassels vs. the bracelets without tassels.

    • Bracelets with a tassel have the hamsa hand charm which represents a protective sign. The hamsa hand brings the owner good luck, good health, and good fortune. The om charm represents city and peace.

    • Bracelets without a tassel have the eye of nazar, representing protection against evil plots, people, or evil schemes.

  • Are bracelets available for individual purchase?

    No. They are sold as a set.

  • What is virtual styling?

    Shopping online & creating the best looks for the client via web. The client will then purchase the look through direct links given out.

  • When styling clients, do you style them out of their closet? Or do they have to purchase new items?

    Shopping my clients closet is always an option. However, if the items in your closet do not go with our desired look I will recommend purchasing new items or renting clothing. All clothing purchased is within your personal budget. As a stylist my job is to know how to bargain shop and work with any budget. My goal is to save you money!